The Roast Of Sandra Martin : Gogglebox

The Comedy Roast is an event in which our guest roastee, Sandra Martin, is joked about and made fun of by the roasters (comedians) in front of our audience. The hilarious & sharp Kane Brown is the Roastmaster who is guaranteed to keep the room entertained. The roasters take turns doing jokes about the roastee, as well as the other comedians on the night. The Comedy Roast ends with the roastee getting the opportunity for a rebuttal against all of the insults hurled at her in the course of the evening.

Doors: 18:00 | Last Entry: 18:45
Seating: Unallocated

Roastee: Sandra Martin (Gogglebox)
Roasters: Dizzle, Aurie Styla, Mr Cee, Esther Manito
Roastmaster: Kane Brown


Glee Club Birmingham The Arcadian
70 Hurst St
Birmingham B5 4TD